Jojua MasterClasi-2016-1 SAT

On January 10th in the Batumi chess club, there was a special guest. With young most successful clubmen, the thematic master class was given by the perspective of young chess player Nodar Lortkipanidze (FIDE ID-13604058, 2326).




Nodar plays live chess and his style is different and original. During the tournaments, his board is always surrounded by fans since,his games are always dynamic and are filled with combinational elements.

Master class subject: Modern debuts, their features and principles. Priority and popular debut schemes. Sense of each played course in a debut. Creating own plans depending on the opponent's move.

Master Klasi Nodar Lortkipanidestan 10.01.2019 3 Master Klasi Nodar Lortkipanidestan 10.01.2019 2 Master Klasi Nodar Lortkipanidestan 10.01.2019 1

The studied subject was very interesting.

Children had an opportunity under a different corner to consider certain positions.

All this develops versatility of thinking, gives material for own reflection and the analysis.

Development of analytical skills and making them better are very important and most effective stage of creation of the mechanism of logical thinking and its reduction in action.


 In this direction,it’s planned to carry out further works of trainers and pupils.


 We want, from a name of administration of chess club "Nona",

to thank Nodar for an interesting master class

which of course will help young clubmen with development.